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In the standard package you can get an app which will have a native menu and the website webview included, so you won't ever need to update the app. There will also be push notifications.

The push notifications messages work this way: we will send you a control panel to use on your phone or computer - You write the message in the control panel - You press send - The push notification message gets sent to all app users. You will be able to send unlimited push notifications for lifetime.

All messages will be stored in a special native page in the app which we can call "Notifications" You can assign a URL for that message to open as well. You will be able to follow analytics for the app usage, like number of downloads, location of the app users, time spent using the app, most visited app features, etc.

There will be a contact section with a touch to call, send email find on map buttons. Of course, these are optional.

You will also be able to use your imagination and have your own native pages with text and images. Your social media is included, and we can make you a special native page for your YouTube videos.

Other options include a page in the app where the app users can post messages, like and comment on their messages, etc. Like a community page.



The premium package includes all these things, but you will get a better design, and useful extra features: A Smart QR code, Pro screenshots, and app editor. The Smart QR code is a quick way for people to get your app. It is in color, with your logo in the middle. Regardless if scanned with an iOS or Android, it will recognize the device and take people to get your app on Google Play or the App Store accordingly.

You can print it on business cards, etc. Smart QR codes are a new thing, and it will make you stand out a bit. The pro screenshots are wrapped in an artistic design with a phone frame and a background matching the app theme, style, etc. Better screenshots get more downloads.

In the premium package you also get the control panel where you can: 1. Send push notifications 2. Attach an image to the push notification 3. Assign a link for that notification to open 4. Follow overall app install number 5. Follow most used app feature 6. Follow location of the app users 7. Change app layout 8. Change backgrounds, images 9. Modify text, content in the app, like in the about or contact page, etc. 10. Add new pages in the app, native or webview links, or a HTML source code, etc. 11. Change the app CSS, colors etc.

Apple and Google requires every website or company owner to have their own developer account, otherwise the apps will not be approved. Google might approve it on another account, but it won’t last long until it gets suspended. So you need to get them from here: - Apple developer account ($99 per year) - Google Play (one time fee of $25) We will do the publishing, for free.

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