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(Press Release) Major Publication Article

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Are You ready to increase your online credibility?

Add the "As seen on: ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX" tag or image to your website.

You Can ONLY add these if you have a legit Press release!

First, we'll identify what your customers read, watch, or listen to and build a custom media list.  Next, we'll submit your press release via e-mail to journalists who cover your topic.  Finally, we'll provide a distribution report (MS Excel file).  Your list will include: 

  • Daily & Weekly Newspapers - Easiest publicity to get, since many papers are in your backyard.  Weekly papers have small circulations but are well read. 

  • Consumer & Trade Magazines - one small blurb in a targeted trade journal or major magazine can skyrocket sales.
  • Online Publications - Many people read news stories online.  One click away from your news story. 

  • Radio/TV Stations - Many radio shows may ask to interview you by phone!  A single appearance on a major network TV talk show or even a local TV talk show in your area can all happen with an effective press release

Your 300 word Press release will be distributed on 300+ news sites like Google News, Digital Journal, FOX,ABC,NBC Daily Herald, WND & more.

 A Press release is perfect for your book launches, events, kickstarter campaigns, app launches, E-commerce stores, business, New Brands, Business, announcements, amazon product launches, etc


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