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Start Your Own Cosmetics Line (Private Label)

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Package includes:


30 Days free hosting

Basic text logo (you can upgrade or use one you already have)

Animated Logo

Promo video

Once your package is complete, you will go in and Choose from hundreds of products including:

Skincare products
Brow kits
Blush palettes
Eye pencils

How it works!

Create your own makeup line in 3 simple steps:

Pick and customize your products: Upload your logo to create your own branded products without ever holding inventory.
Start selling: With a toggle of a button, add your private label makeup to your online store and start selling!
Vendor handles fulfillment: Once you receive an order, they will take care of printing, inventory, and shipping, and dropship orders straight to your customer’s door so you can focus on your brand!
Dropship with Fast Production and Shipping, or if you're not interested in dropshipping, products can be delivered to you so you can ship them out yourself.
We work with the industry’s leading shipping carriers and manufacturers. Print on demand with a wide selection of beauty products so you can expect quick dropshipping solutions and a happy end customer.

Knowing Our suppliers are from the US and the Canada will give you a peace of mind.
*$59 Monthy Private Label Fee*